Montana Athletic Club’s alcohol license suspended over violations

The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office dispatched officers to the Montana Athletic Club in Bigfork on Thursday to ensure the business’ compliance with a 30-day suspension of its alcohol license.

A Helena judge has prohibited the sale of all alcoholic beverages on the club’s premises for 30 days and imposed a $1,000 fine following the club’s third violation of its license in three years.

According to Sheriff’s Deputy Travis Bruyer, the athletic club failed a compliance check conducted by the Sheriff’s Office last September when officers witnessed the business selling alcohol to a minor for a third time.

Montana Athletic Club Bigfork Owner Doug Mahlum said the club does not advertise the sale of alcohol and might sell between 50 and 60 beers a year.

Mahlum said the staff member who sold the drink to the minor during a “sting operation” likely had not sold a drink before in the years she’d worked there.

However, he said all staff members undergo alcohol training and the employee responsible received disciplinary action.