Robert Kraft asks judge to suppress video evidence of him in Orchids of Asia spa

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft doesn’t want video of him inside Orchids of Asia spa to be seen by the public. The 77-year-old Kraft asked the judge overseeing his solicitation charges to suppress the video evidence, according to Ken Belson of the New York Times.

Police claim to have video that shows Kraft involved in a sex act from a masseuse. Kraft’s legal team has argued the video recordings are a result of an “unlawful” search. In the filing, Kraft’s team said police spied on “Kraft and others, while they were in the private rooms of a licensed spa [the “Spa”], receiving treatment from licensed masseuses,” according to the Times.

The motion to try and get that evidence suppressed was expected by Kraft’s legal team. Given Kraft’s status within the NFL, the footage could be particularly embarrassing if released.