Booker, Buttigieg, Bullock in Chicago for presidential fundraising

Booker has at least four Chicago-area fundraisers Thursday, according to invitations obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times, returning to the city for the first time since July.

The tab for each event ranges from $250 to $2,800. At 1 p.m. Booker will be in Highland Park for a reception, with the hosts including activists Dana Gordon and Steve Sheffey.

After that, Booker will be in Edgewater for “coffee and conversation” hosted by Caroline and Keat Crown; Wendy Heltzer; Alicia Resnicoff; Carla Sanchez-Palacios; and Wendy Serrino. In the late afternoon, Booker will be in Evanston at an event where the co-hosts are Tom Lee; Lisa Oldham and Billy Anderson; and Isabel and Andy Schultz.

In the evening, Booker wraps up in Elmhurst, at a reception where the hosts include Jill Hayes; Jill Hennessy; and Alpita Shah.