Montanan Juras ends 3,500-mile rowing adventure

Mark Juras of Montana completed his 3,500-mile rowing adventure Thursday that took him from the Treasure State to the Gulf of Mexico in about four months, and reinforced claims about the astounding power of Gorilla Tape.

“I finally made it to the ocean today,” the 32-year-old Great Falls resident said in a telephone interview. “It was awesome getting there.”

But it wasn’t without some last-minute, nail-biting drama.

He camped Wednesday night and did not pull his boat, The Sturnella, up far enough on to the shore. A wave from a passing tanker slammed the boat into a log, cracking its top in two spots, Juras said.

Juras mended the cracks with Gorilla Tape and completed the final 23 miles to the ocean.

“It was one final test,” he said.