Gianforte: NRA should move to Montana

Congressman Greg Gianforte invited the National Rifle Association to relocate to Montana, following efforts of attorneys general in New York and Washington, D.C. to dissolve the organization.


“As a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), I was frustrated to see far-left activists and elected officials in New York, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., attack the NRA and law-abiding gun owners across America who value our Second Amendment rights. While these progressive politicians seek to trample on our constitutional rights and posture to shut down our nation’s largest, longest-standing defender of our Second Amendment rights, I invite the NRA to relocate to Montana,” Gianforte wrote in a letter Friday to Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s executive vice president and CEO. The NRA is headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia.