Melissa Etheridge arrested in North Dakota

BISMARCK, N.D. – The Burke County Sheriff’s Office logged a high-profile arrest.

Singer Melissa Etheridge was charged with possession of a controlled substance after her tour bus was searched while attempting to enter the United States from Canada at the Port of Entry.

Burke County authorities said they were conducting K9 searches at the Port of Entry when they were alerted to evidence of controlled substances.

A search of the tour bus found several items and forms of marijuana, including cigar-type cigarettes, a vial containing a liquid, and green plastic containers with a green wax-like substance.

Etheridge told authorities the cigar-type cigarettes were marijuana and dipped in hash oil, the vial was hash oil to smoke in an electronic cigarette, and that the wax-like substance was a marijuana infused balm for topical relief.

Etheridge told authorities that all the items were hers and that she uses them for cancer treatment.