Decision Desk HQ changes Montana Senate race to ‘Likely R’

Democratic Senator Jon Tester, currently in his bid for a fourth term in predominantly Republican Montana, faces a pivotal race in 2024. His reelection is crucial for Democrats, who are defending three Senate seats in states won by Donald Trump in both the 2016 and 2020 elections—Ohio and West Virginia being the others. Tester is expected to confront Tim Sheehy, a former Navy Seal turned aerospace CEO, endorsed by Trump and key Republican figures.

Montana has consistently favored Republican presidential candidates since 1996, typically with significant margins except in 2008. Republicans presently control both U.S. House seats, the other Senate seat, the state legislature, and the governorship. Despite this Republican stronghold, Tester maintains popularity among voters, historically outperforming party lines; he exceeded Barack Obama’s 2012 margin by 17%. To secure victory in 2024, Tester will likely need to surpass Joe Biden’s performance by a similar margin.

The Decision Desk HQ model currently predicts that Tim Sheehy has a 81% chance of winning Montana.

By: Big Sky Headlines staff