Montana Ranked Third Most Patriotic State in Nation

Governor Greg Gianforte celebrated Montana’s recent ranking as the third most patriotic state in the nation ahead of Independence Day.

“God bless America, and Montana,” Gov. Gianforte exclaimed. “This study confirms what I’ve long known: Montana is home to some of the most freedom-loving and patriotic individuals in our country. From our unwavering support for veterans to our steadfast defense of American values, Montanans share a deep appreciation for what makes our nation exceptional. As we approach this holiday weekend, let’s take a moment to reflect on our founding principles and express gratitude to our veterans and armed forces for safeguarding our freedoms at home and abroad. Susan and I wish all Montanans a joyful and safe Fourth of July.”

Montana’s high ranking in patriotism stems from metrics such as robust civic engagement in elections, a high volunteer rate, and a significant veteran population, according to a recent WalletHub study. With 104 veterans per 1,000 civilians, Montana boasts the fourth-highest number of veterans per capita in the United States.

Montana takes pride in its veterans, who play a crucial role in the state’s economy by operating small businesses, farms, and ranches. Governor Gianforte has championed initiatives to support veterans, including tax exemptions for military retirement pay and streamlined licensing processes for military members, spouses, and veterans transitioning to civilian life.

Each year, Governor Gianforte honors outstanding Montana veterans with the Montana Governor’s Veteran Commendation, recognizing their selfless service and community contributions. This year, 39 veterans will receive this esteemed commendation at an upcoming award ceremony.

By: Big Sky Headlines staff